Dragon of the Scribe

{June 24, 2012}   Something small and extrodinary

A thought occurred to me.  Saying goodbye to my husband, I put my earrings on.

This will be a “so what” to most people.  If you know me though, its very rare to see me with jewelry.  I normally need a good, valid reason.  This is not typical behavior for me.

I thought about it more.  Suddenly, I realized I didnt need a reason to wear them.  The thought of wearing something pretty was suddenly became a new outlook of my perception.

I am beautiful, and I deserve to show it.  The jewelry is a mere reflection, a symbol of my inner glimmer of pride.  So small and ignored to most. 

Im changing how I view myself, and the universe is merely changing around my perspective to help me continue these patterns.

Serious about learning.


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