Dragon of the Scribe

{June 26, 2012}   Everybody is a Genius


I wanted to share the article with you. It’s underlying message is very powerful 🙂  Below is the following comment I left. There will be an article about this later on.

Everyone is a Genius

But if you judged every fish by it’s ability to climb a tree?
Well, you’d feel stupid too.

This quote is my favourite. It also took me 7 years to finally get what Einstein meant. It’s incredible what we don’t see in quotes that have changed lives. When we do see it though, everything changes. How we look at ourselves, how we judge others, how we perceive ourselves among so-called perfection.

When we get that moment, that eye opener of “I get this.”, changes everything of how we see the world. In that moment, you just understand what you need to do. You see yourself looking at you, like a mirror.

Your writing was absolutely beautiful, you portrayed yourself truly with elegance and wisdom. Thank you.

The Dragon’s Scribe.


I’ve never read this quote! EXCELLENT! thank you!

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