Dragon of the Scribe

{June 29, 2012}   I Can Explain

So, I wrote this one night in my word processor, in fear of it not making sense.  I expected to read it the next day and edit it, but never got around to.  So, this has been added to a few times, expecting to at some point finishing it and never did.  Why I didn’t show this sooner I have no idea, but I find it rather amusing.

Dissecting Einstein’s Quote

Everybody is a Genius

But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree,

Then it will spend it’s whole life thinking it’s stupid.

How many of you have heard this quote?

How many of you thought deeper about the quote, and truly understand it?

How many of you wrote this all down?

How many of you found yourselves as the regular fish?

Have you found yourself among the special fish?

Have you figured out what a genius is?

Einstein’s quote broken up into what seems to be a simple question, each brings up a thought process to what we call “a profound thought.” A profound thought is that other way of thinking. It’s shown through artwork, inventions, mathematics, philosophy. Every single one of us have this ability. We are all capable of having a profound thought, but most of us don’t realize it. We are lead to believe that only SOME individuals have that unique gift that separates us from them.

Now, the above statement is a profound thought. I had the ability to show how the fish and genius’ were related. I realize that because I had this process, I could say ‘well I’m a genius because I thought of that.’ and it would be true. Having the ability to UNDERSTAND exactly what a profound thought is, makes you different from those who can’t.

This is how we managed to isolate ourselves from everyone else. Most of us have rarely ever taken the time to fully dissect this quote like I have. Those of us who have, could say we are among that population of individuals that could. Following me so far? Okay, because this is where it’s going to get confusing fast.

How do we know what a genius is? They do something no one else can. For example: Inventors. People who designed, created and improved systems. We call them “innovative, creative, brilliant” simply because they took a problem – looked at it differently – and adapted to it to create something new.

So, basically – genius’ have to be known about to be genius’, right? No. A genius is a person who can take that profound thought, and change it into something tangible. They take that thought, and make it true. A dream basically. Individuals with a unique talent, that we all posses and rarely used or talked about.

So again, I make the connection, we are all genius’. We can’t figure out that ‘something special’ about ourselves. We believe we don’t have anything unique or special, and we believe we’re stupid for it. So you see how this becomes a cycle. This is going to get far into the rabbit hole.

So, if it only takes a single profound thought, to make you a genius – then EXPLAINING this process is a profound thought transformed into something tangible. I not only had the ability to write this all down, and explain it to others – I had the ability to see THAT from a different angle, and put it into words.

My tree is my ability to write from a point of view unique to me. I am among the few that could do this, and write it down – but there are those others who have as well. Once again, I’m back in the unique group we call genius’.

And looking from all of this: I am Profound and Enlightened.

No, no I wasn’t.

I missed the point entirely. It’s amazing how a quote can change lives, and take us forever to understand. How we see ourselves, how we judge others, how we perceive so-called perfection among us. That thought right there, is how simple his quote really was. It wasn’t about us knowing what fish could climb a tree, it wasn’t us being a fish, and it wasn’t us being so-called perfect.

I over thought it. It made me realize another thing – for years and years people have been telling me I’m over thinking. Telling me to calm down, tell me to stop worrying about it. It has been what I thought was honestly helping me. Helping me be smarter, helping me deal with things, helping me be rational… and it was why I was destroying myself. Now I realize, they were right. Answers should be simple, and most answers are.

I’m going to meditate once a day for an hour for a week.

No need to.  I found my answer.  It’s as simple as it is.  Motivation = Experiment.  One change in the perception, to change how everything is perceived.  Simple and elegant.

You know… you’d think I’d get it by now.

The facepalm I made when realizing I’m over analyzing is why I kept the page and decided to show it.  I found it comical, knowing very few people would.  I’m learning, and acknowledging it.


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