Dragon of the Scribe

{June 29, 2012}   My Brain Hurts – Again.

I have a theory that this title will begin to become a trend.  Also, I’ve discovered two brand new things.

  1. I’m going to read and review a book my cousin recommended to me.
  2. I really don’t want to read the book, so I turned it into an experiment.

Okay, so I’m going to review a book my cousin is trying to shove down my throat.  I love my cousin, he’s one of my closest relatives that I still feel loved by – but a book isn’t likely to teach me anything new.  I’m keeping the book a secret at the moment.  Not because I don’t want you guys to know what it is – I’m just too ignorant (yeah, I’m using that word) to bother remembering the name right now.  I’m too ignorant because I honestly believe that book has nothing new to teach me.  It will tell me things I already know, and is doing what I’m trying to do now.  I’m scared that book has already accomplished what I wanted with this blog.

If it did, it either proves me right or wrong.

It proves me right that a person can cure their own depression, wrote a book about it – and helping people.  I read it, recommend it – and become part of that cycle.  It also means that this is an incorrect experiment for figuring out Discovery.  I’m now part of the equation that is trapped within the box.

It disproves to teach me anything new, and it continues being a waste of time.  Either way, I don’t want to do it.

I don’t want to read the book, but now my Husband wants me to.  If for nothing else, as an experiment.  Since I came up with these possibilities of what the book will do – I now have to prove it.  I now have to prove what the question is, and what the possibilities are.  And I come up with something extraordinary.

Motivation’s for are experiments!  This is where my brain exploded.  I now know how to motivate myself, and that is incredible.  Praise, rewards, discipline – normal methods of teaching new concepts don’t work for me.  House work was never positive, no matter how I looked at it – work was work.  What if I started looking at it as an experiment.

My husband is a genius.  As soon as I mentioned this possible concept – he had idea’s. And so, my life of experimentation begins.  Theory of Discoveries, and understanding breakthroughs here I come.


So yes, I will be doing a review on the book my cousin recommended me.  Want to know something hilarious now?  I went to look for the name of the book, and couldn’t find it.  I did find the name of the author, John F. Demeitri.

I am a genius.  I’m also an idiot.


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