Dragon of the Scribe

{July 1, 2012}   Fine line between bravery and stupidity (this was stupid btw)

I have known I needed to get into contact with someone about my theories for awhile now.  Michio Kaku, a physics expect, who I believe would understand the concept I am trying to portray.  No, I am not going to write out the email.  Not yet.  If I don’t get a response within the month of July, I’ll post it.  If I get a response before then, I’ll post the original, and then the reply.

This was either extremely brave of me to send my personal data out in hopes of getting into contact with him, or extremely stupid.  I also know, whatever the outcome, I’m not giving up.



No.  This was EXTREMELY stupid.  The moment I sent that email,  I was really thinking I was onto something.  Oh stumbleupon, you work with the Gods, I know you do.

Literally hours later, I found this documentary

Horizon: Out of Control?

Which basically proves my theories all correct.  Damnit!

This made me feel like an idiot for sending that email to Profressor Kaku and embarrassing, as well as discrediting, myself.  What I did learn was something remarkable.

I am on the right track, and the fact that, while the information I’m getting is the same information everyone else has – I’m starting to actually observe.  I’m actually starting to observe the world around me, ask questions about how it’s presented – and figure out what’s important.  Key facts of what is actually being presented, and then piecing all that together with other data that I’ve collected.  I am learning, I am starting to ask questions now.  I also know, I’m am way WAY behind where I need to be to solve that equation.

Now I actually need to find out what Einstein was using in his equations.  What numbers, and why?  I also know, I need to keep doing what I’m doing, and figuring out what I can discover on my own.

The Theory of Discovery has been proven years ago.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on trying to do something new.


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