Dragon of the Scribe

{July 24, 2012}   What’s On Your Puppy Mind?

So, you know me, I’m Rogue. I’m a bouncy, trixie, on-the-go terrier. I’m playful, I’m smart, and not always the best known for etiquette. I dig, I look for treasure, you never know where you might find a squeaky toy hiding somewhere.

I’m lovable, active, and I know a dozen tricks! Oh, my Master? My Master is 20% cooler and made of awesome! He gives me pop or juice in my water bowl when I’m really really good! He also makes me hot meals for dinner! When I’m especially good, sometimes he even makes me jello or ice cream for dessert!

He’s taught me a lot of tricks, and he loves giving me back scratches! My favourite though is when he rubs my belly and tells me I’m a good girl! He loves to watch my antics, laughs when I start chasing my squeaky toys. Sometimes I get to be too much, and then he puts me in the corner for a time out. No matter what though, I love him and I know he loves me just as much!

Edgar? That’s our cat! He doesn’t like me much, he always chases me around. Sometimes we play peek-a-boo and chase each other. Master says he’s half-Siamese and that’s why he meows so loud. He’s also 3 year’s old. I love Edgar, and so does the rest of the family.

I hope I can hear you guys too. What’s on your puppy mind?



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