Dragon of the Scribe

{July 24, 2012}   What’s On Your Puppy Mind?

So, you know me, I’m Rogue. I’m a bouncy, trixie, on-the-go terrier. I’m playful, I’m smart, and not always the best known for etiquette. I dig, I look for treasure, you never know where you might find a squeaky toy hiding somewhere.

I’m lovable, active, and I know a dozen tricks! Oh, my Master? My Master is 20% cooler and made of awesome! He gives me pop or juice in my water bowl when I’m really really good! He also makes me hot meals for dinner! When I’m especially good, sometimes he even makes me jello or ice cream for dessert!

He’s taught me a lot of tricks, and he loves giving me back scratches! My favourite though is when he rubs my belly and tells me I’m a good girl! He loves to watch my antics, laughs when I start chasing my squeaky toys. Sometimes I get to be too much, and then he puts me in the corner for a time out. No matter what though, I love him and I know he loves me just as much!

Edgar? That’s our cat! He doesn’t like me much, he always chases me around. Sometimes we play peek-a-boo and chase each other. Master says he’s half-Siamese and that’s why he meows so loud. He’s also 3 year’s old. I love Edgar, and so does the rest of the family.

I hope I can hear you guys too. What’s on your puppy mind?



Every week, I decided to make a goal to help improve myself.  Since this is my first goal, I thought I’d start with something simple, but powerful.

One positive story a day for a year.  The story has to be at least 500 words, have to be true – and has to be positive about myself.

So, what about my first story, what should I write about?  Well, what about what I’m doing right now?  How writing as become my medium for self expression.

I believe everyone has a talent that falls into one of these major catagories.

  • Technology – computers, mechanics, builders, inventors… someone who expresses themselves by creating something new
  • Manual Labour – geologist, hands-on learning, carpenters, sculptors… someone who creates something from basic materials
  • Academics – teachers, scientists, philosophers – someone who expresses themselves through educational discoveries
  • Arts – painters, writers, poets – someone who expresses themselves through creative works (novels, paintings, so on)

These are vague I know… and horribly inaccurate as everyone can fall into any of these or multiple.  It has helped me pinpoint my strengths though, helped me see where my talents and potential lies.

I am not a creator of new things – nor am I really a hands-on sort of person.  However; I do have great passion in Academics, and I’m proving myself to be a decent writer.  I have always been a scribe for knowledge.  Wicca is a great example of this, as I used to have a massive collection of various articles on different subjects.  I was the person to go to when there was a question that was hard to find.  None of these articles, at least very few of them, were actually my own.  I soon later had the misfortune of losing the entire disk when my portable hard drive fried.

I quickly found myself a new passion though.  In December, Chris’ friend bought me one of the grandest gifts of all time.  Everything I’m wearing (with the exception of a few things missing – and excluding the collars) was given to me by this person for Christmas.

Full lycria skin suit – this is the same thing some performers wear to do UV puppets, dances and so on.  Full arm, leather bondage gloves that can be turned into paws.  A belt for a tail, and some restraints to keep me from standing up.  This is Puppy Play.  A relatively mild form of kink, related to things like Pony Play.  It started out as a punishment for subs, being treated as a dog – but then it turned into something much more than that.  A lot of people ENJOYED being a dog.  For me, this was a calling.  This was something that was a part of me, and I always loved pretending to be a dog.

So, of course before I did ANYTHING, I do what I always do.  Research.  I wanted to know safety, what I needed to do, what was expected and so on.  I spent HOURS upon hours looking for anything in regards to it – and there was very little information that wasn’t out right porn.  Once I felt comfortable enough, I had my first puppy play session with my friends.

The next few days left me completely unprepared.  I went through a Sub-Drop that lasted a good week.  It wasn’t until I started actually LOOKING for articles about it, did I actually find it.  It wasn’t talked about at all in anything I read.  Not even the mere mention of the potential dangers of sub drop.  This not only surprised me, I was outraged.  I began looking it up, and realized that a lot of deaths associated with the KINK community (which has a strong emphasis of safety) were actually caused by suicides.  Not only that, but people were afraid of talking about their experiences.  I knew this had to change.

I began writing.  At first I was writing about how I was feeling, and encouraging others to share.  Then, I began detailing what it was, and how to help over come it.

This article was my discovery about my ability to write about subjects that are considered taboo in a way that people can relate to.  Instead of seeing it as something negative, people were beginning to see the articles in relations to themselves, not me.  My writing, despite being personal experiences, were not being seen as egotistical or pity-seeking.  They were being treated as ‘I’m not alone.’

This is my positive story of the day.  If it wasn’t for that experience, I would have never known my true calling as a Scribe.

et cetera