Dragon of the Scribe

I have tried so hard in the past to make a blog.  I decided to write about my life.

I have severe accute depresson first of all.  I also suffer from adult adhd.  This will hopefully not show up too often.

My actual wanting the blog is so that I can have a docmentation of what I have been learning.  Im educating myself with mathematics.

Whats the point to this?  I need something to challenge me.  I wanted to learn math so I would get better in physics.  I want to know physics so I can go lean about quantum physics.

Okay… But what are you doing that for?  160.iq.  Basically – I am a a smart woman.  25 years old, hated school with a passion.  So I was the lazy slacker who basicallu said fuck you.to.the teachers on exam day.

So, I recently foud a site callef Khan Academy.

Any subject you want to learn, do it.  Dont use calculatots, or whatever.

My goal is to keep track of what I have learmt.


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